Slot for the Chinese New Year

Curious about Play’n Go’s Chinese New Year slot game and how it works? Okay, it’s hardly rocket science. Each year’s name is drawn from an animal which plays an essential part in the casino. In this slot, you may find out not only how much certain animals cost, but also how much information about them can be had. If you think about the coming year from a Chinese perspective, you can probably predict what will happen. Relax and take pleasure in the game’s features and gameplay.


Late in January marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, so plan accordingly. The simplest approach to find out under what animal’s sign you were born is to compile a list of all animals linked with that year. Don’t forget to mention each date beginning in late January. Playing a Chinese New Year-themed slot machine on your phone or computer is a great example of this.


New Year celebrations in China are no different from every other Chinese festival, making them the third most popular slot topic after ancient Egypt and Irish culture. Therefore, it is to the developer’s credit that they have created such a visually appealing and financially rewarding slot machine.

You may have noticed the dominance of reds and yellows in the Chinese New Year’s graphics whether you’ve been playing for fun or for real money. You probably need a translation now that you see the title is written in Chinese. You’ll also find a red box with various multiplier amounts inside of it.

Predicting your luck using a Chinese calendar may be more difficult than it sounds. This is largely because every move you make matters. Keep in mind that the animal symbols play a significant function in maintaining your rewards when you play around with free spins and a bonus round. Each one stands in for a distinct personality trait. Some of them are:

Equus, or a horse








Different factors affect the payments for the aforementioned animals. You may expect a fair return if you pick the rat, ox, rabbit, and dragon in that order from numbers two through five. However, the most money you may win is $1.00 for finding five rats.You may count on an annual 750 dollars for every five oxen, 500 for every five bunnies, and 500 for every five dragons.

The horse, the goat, the cock, the dog, and the pig will provide prizes for 3 to 5 matching symbols. Maximum payouts for a winning ticket with five horses or goats are $150, while the cock, dog, and pig each pay out $100.

Symbolic Expressions

In order to encourage players to make larger wagers, all online casinos employ the same standard set of symbols. The tiger represents the wild card here. With its strong potential for replacements, it may earn you up to 5,000 credits.

When the flaming dragon shows up, that means the 3-symbol bonus round has begun.  The free games are hidden in the other round with the monkey symbols. Here, more scatters will spring to life to produce more winnings. Simply said, the free spins’ animal characters will stand out as a source of amusement for every player who shows curiosity.

The following events are common during Chinese New Year:

All the months and their corresponding animals will be there.

At any time, the dragon in flames may arrive.

The monkey may put on a show.

It’s possible for miracles like this to occur and increase your payouts. More than that, you’ll have mastered the art of calendar interpretation and practical application.


The lack of clearly delineated bonus rounds is the game’s biggest flaw. But the good news is, it provides large payments that you may still put to good use. Even with a high return to player percentage (RTP), gorgeous visuals, and a relaxing score, the Multiplier Meter is all you’ll need to make the most of your wins.

The 32x multiplier or the maximum jackpot payout is arguably the toughest to find in the Chinese New Year slot machine game at an online casino. It is not unheard of, however, to experience a streak of two or three wins that results in payments of two or four times the original amount. Certainly, this can make up for the absence of no-cost spins and bonus games. If you’re looking to win big, you should check out this amazing slot machine. Will it be you? To start winning big or making some good money, all you have to do is download this game from a reputable site.






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