Famous lottery winners

Despite Naza24 the fact that large number of individuals all around the world fantasy about walking away with that sweepstakes , not very many individuals become lottery victors. Positively the worth is a lot higher than whatever a considerable lot of us need to give that “right” throughout everyday life, except truly it is never excessively.

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That house remodel, that fantasy trip, that own business and even magnanimity are a large number of the victors’ decisions. Yet, there are the people who as of now have a noticeable calling on the planet, as of now have a month to month pay a lot higher than the typical pay of the populace. But, I scored a big stake in the sweepstakes.

The Fortunate Pairs
Andre Marques
The Rede Globo moderator was betrayed by his accomplice on the show, Cissa Guimarães. When Mais Você was in control and he had to say that he was a fortunate man!

André won R$ 19,764.32 when he hit the corner in the Mega Sena da Virada from 2014 to 2015.

We even figure he didn’t require this honor… Be that as it may, additional cash won’t ever stung!

Another who clearly didn’t require a monetary reward is the sovereign of pop, however she actually won around 120,000 euros in the SuperEnalotto. In 2012 when she was in Italy. Madonna put the cash acquired in instructive tasks in Malawi, Africa.

madonna lottery champ
Paulinha, ex-BBB
Paulinha Leite didn’t win the Older sibling Brasil bonanza , however won something like 27,000 reais in the 2013 Mega Sena da Virada.

“A practically mogul! I hit the 5 numbers on the Super da Virada hihihi, just number 14 was absent. It’s the quantity of my birthday and my fortunate number. I cherished.” — Composed the victor on Facebook where she even posted a photograph of the triumphant ticket.

Raoni Carneiro
Enlivened by the person he played in the drama “Aquele Beijo”, from Rede Globo, Raoni Carneiro bet on the Mega Sena in 2011 and won!

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The entertainer hit just 4 numbers and said that the award was not high. Also, that he spent on loved ones. Despite the fact that it’s low. The sum won was rarely revealed.

Damon Lindelof one of the renowned lottery victors
You probably heard the expression “life mimics workmanship”, correct? You may not know Lindelof. Be that as it may, you’ve surely known about the Lost series, of which he is one of the makers.

In the plot, one of the characters gets a fortune for wagering on a grouping of puzzling numbers: 04 – 08 – 15 – 16 – 23 – 42. What’s more, it is now that life mirrors craftsmanship… Lindelof bet these equivalent numbers in the lottery and won !






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